Yuma Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, a dental implant may be needed to replace the tooth root and crown. Dental implants are simply "anchors" that permanently support replacement teeth. They are secure and durable and can be cleaned and cared for much like your natural teeth.

The procedure requires a titanium root be fitted into your jaw to replace the lost tooth's root. Once the implant is anchored into the bone, the bone around the implant requires six weeks to six months of healing. Once the bone has healed, a support post and replacement tooth is anchored onto the implant.

The left tooth in this image has a failing root canal. Extraction is required because of pain and infection. Implant is only option for replacement.

After the tooth is extracted a bone graft material was placed to maintain the integrity of the dental ridge and preserve bone for future implant placement.

After a 3-month waiting period the implant is placed in the bone.

The bone is allowed to heal around the implant for 3 months and then a crown is fabricated to fit over the implant.