Dental Bridges

When there’s a gap in your smile, there’s often a huge gap in your confidence, too. Whether you’ve got one, two, or three missing teeth, dental bridges can restore your smile by, quite literally, bridging this gap.
Here at Picacho Family Dental, we offer high-quality dental bridges that provide you with a tried-and-tested, low-risk, and cost-effective treatment for your missing tooth/teeth.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is created using two or more crowns for your teeth, which are placed on either side of the gap. The teeth acting like anchors are called abutment teeth, and the false tooth or teeth are placed in between them. These false teeth (pontics) can be constructed from a number of different materials, including porcelain, alloys, or gold. The dental bridge is then supported by your implants or natural teeth.
During your first consultation, the abutment teeth will be prepared by removing some of your natural tooth’s enamel to create room for the crown. Then, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth so we can accurately create a bridge from this model. While the permanent bridge is being made, a temporary bridge will be put in place.
On your second visit, your new bridge will be fitted, checked, and adjusted so it fits comfortably and boasts a seamless finish with your existing teeth. You may need to come in and see us several times for us to get the bite and metal framework perfect. Once done, the bridge is cemented in place.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges aren’t just a wonderful solution to getting your smile back, as they also offer a whole host of other great advantages, including:
• Maintaining the natural shape of your face
• Restoring your ability to speak and chew properly
• Evenly distributing the force in your bite by replacing your missing teeth
• Preventing your remaining teeth from moving out of their position due to gaps

Getting Dental Bridges in Yuma, Arizona

If you’ve suffered from tooth loss and want to know more about the bridges we offer at our dental practice why not get in touch with us today? Having made an appointment with one of our dentists, we’ll be able to discuss the best and most cost-effective treatment plan for you.
You can rely on us to provide tooth restoration that helps you look your best and improves your smile, confidence, and life.

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